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Areas of Expertise

Life-Changing Psychotherapy

What is life-changing psychotherapy?  Well, it is a way of examining one's life that explores deeper patterns and longings in order to find a freedom and creativity that has been lost.  There are many quick fixes out there that can help lessen your current symptoms but they often fall short in helping to build sustainable change over time.  

Addictions Counselling

Addictions are usually solutions to living life well.  They are complex manifestations of ignoring ourselves and finding satisfaction wherever we can find it.  Together we will explore your addiction and its purpose.

Individual Counselling

Everybody has strengths and creative problem solving abilities.  Sometimes though we can struggle to find our way or cope appropriately.  Therapy can be a safe place to explore our lives in order to experience more freedom and develop new tools.

My Approach

Kelowna Counselling services offered by Jason McCarty, MA, CCC.  Jason has 18 years of experience in the field, working in the public, non-profit, and private sectors and has worked as both a clinician and as a leader.
Jason has provided mental health Kelowna counselling to a wide variety of people and has experience working with anxiety, depression, life transitions, family of origin dynamics, childhood trauma, relationships, men’s issues, finding meaning and purpose, and addictions.  Currently, Jason does a lot of counselling with people going through mid-life which often exacerbates symptoms and struggles people have grown tired of battling.
Jason has a very down to earth counselling style that is easy to engage with.  He cares about having a real conversation with people and ultimately wants to help people live with more freedom in their lives.
My Approach
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