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Addictions Counselling

An Integrative Approach

My approach to working with addictions follows a bio-psycho-social-spiritual understanding of how addictions develop as well as how to treat them.  We are complicated human beings and the experience and understanding of addiction is just as complicated.  It is not simply a chemical problem, nor is it a moral failure.  The reason for use and the inability to stop is connected to many aspects of one’s life.  It is part coping strategy, part limitation/sensitivity, part responsibility avoider, and part soul cry.  Addiction does not have to be seen as an extremely negative thing.  For many it helps to point the finger toward the issues in their lives they might not explore otherwise.  For some it is as simple as understanding and implementing the simplicity of choosing not to use anymore.  For others, a deeper exploration of issues that keep them stuck and learning new coping strategies is paramount. Existential themes can often be explored to help better understand the process and necessity of addiction in one’s life.

People looking to stop their abuse of drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, gambling, food, shopping, and work, are looking for different solutions in therapy.  We will come together and figure out what it is you are looking for.  Whether it’s managing cravings or finding meaning in your life, we will work together to help you reach your goals.

I provide the following addiction counselling services:

  • Individual addiction therapy

  • Family counselling with addicted family member.

  • Family counselling without the addicted family member.

  • Family consultations and coaching

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