About Jason

Jason is a Certified Canadian Counselor (CCC) with the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association (#2587) (http://www.ccpa-accp.ca).  He graduated from Saybrook University, located in San Francisco, CA, obtaining his Master of Arts degree in Psychology with a Marriage and Family Therapy Specialization. Jason’s training prepared him to work with individuals, couples and families in a way that honors the whole person and what it means to be human.  It also helped him to observe larger system issues, from intimate relationships to organizational dynamics, and how those issues impact people.


Jason spent his early career in the field of addictions where he worked as both a counsellor and a manager within a residential treatment program in Kelowna, BC that focused on the holistic treatment of addictions. In treatment, Jason had a variety of clinical roles that included supporting detox patients, teaching workshops, and providing individual and group counselling to both men and women. He eventually took the role of Program Coordinator where he managed both men's and women's treatment programs, taking a special interest in program philosophy and design.


After 4 years in residential treatment, Jason moved into private practice where he worked with a wide variety of people, specializing in anxiety/depression, addictions, couples therapy, young adults, life transitions, and finding meaning. While in private practice, Jason has also facilitated groups for the Responsible Drivers Program of BC, as well as the Parenting After Separation Course through the Kelowna Family Centre. In addition, Jason taught in the social work department of the University of British Columbia, Okanagan, as well as wrote a weekly column for Castanet Media.


Eventually Jason moved from 3 years of full time private practice (with a 6 month stint in another addiction treatment facility) into working with Interior Health as a Manager of Mental Health and Substance Use where he was able to bring meaningful change to programs, lead high profile initiatives, advocate for better client care, develop community relationships, and help foster a better work environment.


Now, after 4 years with Interior Health, Jason is returning to private practice. He has continued to operate his private practice part time through his other employment and in total has been in practice for 9 years in Kelowna, BC. Jason looks forward to developing a practice that provides both he and his clients meaningful engagement into what it means to live this life we live.


Jason grew up outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities with a Philosophy Concentration. After graduation he was the assistant men’s soccer coach of a university in Michigan, and then a high school coach in Pennsylvania before moving to British Columbia in 2004 with his wife.  There he returned to school for his Masters degree.  Jason and his wife live in Kelowna, BC with their four children.