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  • Jason McCarty

Seasons of Our Lives

We are now into the autumn season. It’s cooler, it gets dark earlier and things are beginning to die. The fall is a transition period. Nature’s process of death and hibernation is not yet fully finished. The fall is a movement toward winter, a time of chill and bleak looking nature for many parts of the world. The beauty of colorful leaves will work its way to dead leaves on the ground and bare sticks in the air.

For some, this is a time of personal transition, such as kids moving into a new grade level. And looking at this more deeply, the colder months can be a time of inner reflection as aspects of us die off. The intensity of summer slows, autumn calms, and winter keeps us inside more often. Our worlds shrink and we are left with ourselves more often. But the beauty of this transition must not be missed. The colorful leaves that express themselves show us the beauty of transition periods – it says don’t forget me. And we know new leaves will grow in spring.

As we move through our own transition periods in our lives, the seasons of our soul, we can know that there are times of new growth and a warming sun. Sometimes we find ourselves in long winters, wanting it to end, to experience the fruits of new growth and to feel full again. But parts of us that die off in the winter of our lives, means that space is opening for newer, hopefully more authentic, parts of ourselves.

Some people feel bummed that summer is over. Some welcome and love autumn. Some look forward to winter and snow. How can we all embrace what is? How can we embrace that we are moving into a time of calmer months that open space for reflection, and that this kind of reflection sometimes brings with it pain and struggle as elements of us die off? It’s not easy to embrace. But we can. Allow the space in the coming months to open up for you to explore your life.

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