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  • Jason McCarty

Stepping Out of Hiding

When we often feel stuck in our lives, it is most likely due to our resistance in stepping out. What do I mean by that? Well, most of us do not live our lives to the fullest of who we are. We do not step out as the person we are inside. Sometimes we do not even know who that is due to a life of not really paying attention.

But we are there, waiting.

Why do we hide the way we do? Why is it so hard to finally do that thing we have always wanted to do? Why is it hard to finally open up to friends and family the way we know we need to? Why is it hard to express myself creatively in the way that is yearning to be seen and heard and known?


Fear of many things. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of making mistakes. Fear of ridicule. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of our own internalized judgment.

So we stay hidden in order to avoid these possible painful experiences. But this hiding comes at a great cost, for the only way to live fully in this world is to live fully as ourselves. I must fully be me in order to be happy. I can then connect myself to others and to endeavors that flow from me.

Our own avoidance of painful experiences actually perpetuates a deeper painful existence where we continue to live our lives at arms length. Nothing worthwhile comes without risk. We must risk ourselves to be ourselves.

So start thinking of how you can step out from behind the curtain or how you can step out from behind the facade of whatever role you’ve been acting within. Step out into the open and explore your life.

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