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Jason McCarty

Clinical Counsellor | Kelowna, BC

I've been working with people for 18 years to find a deeper meaning and understanding to their pain, suffering, and the places where they feel stuck.  As a depth-oriented counsellor in Kelowna, I work with my clients to break free from patterns and experience more freedom in their lives.  I have real and honest conversations with people to help facilitate deeper connection to one's self and life.

Areas of Expertise

Depth-oriented psychotherapy | Jungian, Existential, Humanistic, Psychodynamic |

Working with professionals, creatives, and anyone looking for deeper answers to life's challenges.

Specialties: Life transitions, feeling stuck, addictions, anxiety, depression, meaning and purpose.

Kelowna Counselling

Psychotherapy for the Soul

I work to help my clients explore the deeper parts of themselves that have been forgotten.  We grow up in response to the needs of others and move away from the self we were meant to be.  Carl Jung developed the concept of soul to try and describe a way of understanding a deeper knowing within us, and this kind of therapy is a way to work with the many ways in which our soul has been speaking.  


We are not talking about a Christian soul, but an essence within that has been guiding us and that we have been ignoring or neglecting.  Like mythology, it is a way to understand our lives backwards as we come to understand the story we have been living and the patterns that have established themselves along the way.

This kind of psychotherapy is not a quick fix and takes courage and hard work but can be extremely rewarding.  It is about finally living your life in a way that brings satisfaction and meaning.


Contact Jason

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Please note: I have reduced my practice to very part time, seeing only a select few clients.  I do not currently have availability but if you are interested in working with me on deeper work please reach out in late fall of 2023.

2141 Springfield Rd

Kelowna, BC 

(within Ascent Therapy offices)

Tel: 250-864-9949


Fee:  $175 + GST for a 55 minute session

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